Who in Singapore should be using ghost kitchens?


Times are changing. Food deliveries were once dominated by Chinese takeout and pizza companies – now, they are used by almost every restaurant.

Especially following the COVID-19 pandemic, the food delivery industry here in Singapore witnessed huge growth. Currently, it is worth over $700 million each year – a figure that continually grows as people look for more convenient ways to fit tasty meals into their busy lifestyles.

Ghost kitchens suppliers are redefining the delivery industry in Singapore. Rather than having cumbersome restaurants that fail to juggle dine-in and delivery orders, ghost kitchens focus purely on fulfilling as many delivery orders as they receive.

So, who should be thinking about transitioning their F&B industry with them?

Current and prospective restaurant owners that want to limit overhead costs

There are countless expenses associated with running a restaurant. Using ghost kitchens as a solution promises you the chance to worry purely about fulfilling as many deliveries as you get. We’ll handle everything from arranging the courier service to providing all the facilities and equipment you need to operate as per your preference.

Those looking for a way to scale their F&B business


The costs and logistics involved in opening new restaurant branches makes it near impossible for many F&B business owners. Along with reducing costs, as previously mentioned, ghost kitchens are far more flexible and make scaling up or down your business an incredibly simple task.

Ghost kitchen solutions will open your business to a whole new pool of customers in Singapore

The delivery industry is booming. Restaurants that fail to keep up with it will be letting opportunities slip through their hands. Ghost kitchens are the best solution for restaurants looking to send off as many deliveries as they possibly can in a short and efficient timespan.

Restaurant owners that want to forget about the headache of sorting logistics

From the outside, restaurants cook food and serve it to customers. But internally, there is so much more that goes on just to make this happen. Managing a pool of front of house staff, finding cost-efficient suppliers, moving into bigger locations and optimising kitchen spaces are just a few of the many logistical tasks that restaurants have to juggle.

Our ghost kitchens are a turnkey solution that allows you to move in, complete delivery orders and forget the rest.

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