Why Use Cloud Kitchens?


Cloud kitchens are a solution to the modern-day shift towards a delivery-focused food and beverage industry. As more and more people turn to food delivery instead of dine-in options due to a mix of convenience, COVID-19 restrictions and changing habits, adapting has never been more important.

In addition, Cloud kitchen solutions offer the modern restaurant the chance to scale, develop and grow their business in a way that previously was not an option. Rather than catering to inefficient dine-in customers, just cater to the many more delivery orders.

The following are 6 reasons why you should consider a cloud kitchen space for your food business.

#1 – They have cheaper upfront and operational costs

Operating a successful business is no easy task. High but necessary operating expenditures and extortionate upfront costs for opening a new branch make growing your business a daunting thought.

With Smart City Kitchen’s cloud kitchen solution, you can avoid spending as much as you would on brick-and-mortar restaurants. Simply move into our turnkey kitchens and get started immediately. Forget about logistics, renovating the kitchen, front of house responsibilities and more.

#2 – You’re able to serve more customers in less time

Having a delivery-centric cloud kitchen is the best way to fulfil more orders in less time. Rather than catering to dine-in customers who spend a lot longer at your venue, the only limit to cloud kitchens is the number of orders you receive. Many of our cloud kitchen facilities are located in densely populated locations - Central and Orchard areas, and residential areas too, such as Tampines and Clementi. On top of delivery service available, our facilities also have dine-in food court area for walk-in customers.

#3 – They are incredibly flexible and allow you to easily scale your F&B business

Growing as a restaurant is obviously great news – but expanding your business can still be an upwards battle. Finding the money for upfront payments, finding suppliers and more are something that you can forget about if you go with a cloud kitchen.

Since everything is prepared and ready for you to move in, our cloud kitchens are incredibly flexible and easily scalable, no matter how big you plan on going.

#4 – Cloud kitchens are a turnkey solution

With a cloud kitchen solution, there’s no need to struggle finding front of house staff, overhaul the kitchen space and everything else that comes with opening a new restaurant. Simply move in and start fulfilling orders.

#5 – You don’t need as many employees

A greater focus on delivery and having us handle couriers and the dine-in element, there’s no need to worry about hiring front of house staff. Feel free to spend your money on other aspects that directly impact the growth of your business.

#6 – You have the Smart City Kitchens business team to assist you

Growing any business, let alone in the F&B industry, can be a struggle. To make scaling your business easier, we’ve got our own business team here at Smart City Kitchens that is ready to support you when it comes to finding the right suppliers, remaining cost-efficient and scaling your business.

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